Tethered Together

The first in a series of parade-themed performances by the Interference Ensemble, led by Geoffrey Shea and Tony Massett. This spectacle allowed us to explore aspects of public and private expression in a small-town setting. We formed a 12-piece brass band and commissioned new music to be performed in a local Christmas parade. (The Holstein Parade is famous for being completely non-motorized.) We created rolling floats with sculpted creature/passengers to be pulled by each musician. The entire performance was live streamed and projected into the Durham Art Gallery where a performer sang and spoke and interacted with the parade.

Music by Doug Tielli

Performance by Heather Saumer

The Durham Sauntering Band consisted of Grace Bridgman, Doug Tielli, William Bossi, Jim Grant, Basha Mayo, Dave Dunn, Robin Rich, Jenny Parsons, Steve Morel, Chris Palmer, William Bossi, Tony Massett and Geoffrey Shea.

Special thanks to Jane Dover, Holstein Parade, Durham Art Gallery, Akimbo Art Promotion and Ontario Arts Council.

Most of the Sauntering Band playing from the parade repertoire
at the Garafraxa Cafe

The Sheep
Tall Man
The Deer
Angel Dragging Her Feet