Videos by Date

Part of a series of highly personal one-minute videos, each connected to a specific day of the year.

July 15 (Tennis) – Text by Tony Massett. Read by him and Grace Bridgman.

August 5 (Drink) – The pros and cons of intoxication.

January 4 (Princess Margarita) – The pizza is named after the Italian patron of the arts.

July 18 (Surveillance) – Creepy nighttime activities are caught on camera.

May 25 (Punk) – An improvised music session as refined as a board full of nails.

March 15 (Ides of March) – The middle of the month proved hazardous for Caesar.

August 31 (One Wedding and a Funeral) – The new stages of a life are contrasted with the old stages.

February 4 (Parliament Fire) – A postcard depicting the 1916 fire seems out of place.

September 20 (Birth and Death) – My son’s birthday is the occasion for spinning a mystery story.

December 5 (Slats) – Shadows on a louvred door, late in the year.

January 1 (Frost) – Patterns and noise flow together.

April 20 (Platform Change) – Announcements at the train station.

November 9 (Storm)

Gusts gash gorey gales
Wings whip where wind worries
Breezes bring back bitter boats
Storms string straight standing stories

November 9th needs no name
Clouds clamour clicking clucking
Days done dangling dimmly
Flicking flinging fasting fucking