Tentacles in Mumbai

Michael is presenting Tentacles in Mumbai:


Screenplay Launches at Holland Bloorview

This interactive waiting room has a pressure sensitive floor and an interactive video environment for kids to play with as they’re waiting for clinic appointments. Elaine Biddiss spearheaded the project and invite my class of senior design students to create the ambient play experiences. It just launched to the public this week.


GRAND conference in Montreal

Just attend Grand 2012 with my grad student research team. Barry Wellman made an interesting observation about the GRAND network: that the NSERC (science) and SSHRC (social science/humanities) people were like two solitudes, and the art / tech practitioners were the bridge between them.

Off to Istanbul

I’m presenting at ISEA next week in Istanbul. The intersection of Asia and Europe, Muslim and Christian, old and new. I can’t wait to drink the coffee and hear the music. Tons of interesting stuff at ISEA, too. Plus the Biennial is on.

Plastic Houses (working title)

I’m just about to begin shooting a new micro-budget feature film performed by Sonja Posod and myself. We’re shooting in the Durham training facility operated by the New Tribes Mission. (Google it.) And of course the inimitable Michael Tweed in behind the camera.

Sonja Posod in Plastic Houses