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NEWS: May 9, 1917

Since their stunning victory at Vimy Ridge Canadian troops have continued to press the offensive in a series of successful advances.
GWO, Neuville St. Vaast - from Special Correspndant Randolf Wilson
In the days and weeks that followed they pushed the line steadily forward, capturing the region around Arleux on April 28 and holding Fresnoy up until yesterday.

Days after the Vimy success Canada’s Prime Minister Borden inspected the Ridge and soon afterward King George paid his respects. Both leaders are facing their own brand of conscription problems back home and look at the fall of Vimy as one of the few successes they can present to a war-weary public.

The Germans have now retreated to positions beyond Lens. The industrial terrain of railway elevations, slag heaps and a commanding position on Hill 70 give the Germans a good defensive position. Some inside sources are questioning the lack of planning that allowed the Germans to gain the high ground once again. One claimed that, "once they were on the run we could have forced them all the way back to the Rhine."

British and French offensives during the same period were not as successful, with the initial British gains at the Scarpe being lost to counter attack and the French bid for Ostend resulting in over 100,000 casualties with little gain to show for it.