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NEWS: March 3, 1917

Canadian troops near Arras staged a bold, early morning raid today that resulted in the capture of over forty enemy soldiers.
GWO, Neuville St. Vaast - from Special Correspndant Randolf Wilson
The Canadians advanced at dawn, amid swirling snow and a smoke barrage provided by supporting artillery. They penetrated the German front lines, inflicting heavy damage there, and were able to advance right up to the second line.

Returning to their own trenches with very few casualties, the Canadians were able to boast of the capture of 40 enemy troops, mostly Poles and Silesians, including a company commander.

They also captured several field machine guns and a mortar, which although very heavy, our men happily dragged back across the cold mud of the battle field.

Sign of Times to Come?

Till now, the battlefields around Somme and Arras have been deadlocked, almost since the first days of this war over three years ago. The Germans there are principally defending higher ground while they focus their offensive efforts on the Russian Front.

The Germans have established very defensible lines which stretch from Belgium to Switzerland and although they have invested many troops and lives, neither side has been able to make any appreciable advance.

These recent Canadian raids are only minor successes in the greater scheme of things, but perhaps they are a sign of new strategies, techniques and a fresh energy which the Canadians can bring to this front.

Haig, Nieville and the other allied leaders met recently in Rome and they were certainly discussing how and when to attempt a final, decisive breakthrough of the German line. It is certain that the Canadians will be called upon to play a key role in whatever strategy is adopted.