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Code: Measured Mile (Parade Route)

I’ve been developing the code for an xbee mesh network to support this large, outdoor audio installation. The tricky bits were getting Arduino Waveshields to accept remote commands, and getting users’ GPS data into the system. So I thought I’d share what I learned on Git-Hub to make it easier for the next artist trying [...]

Gigi Minor Videos (redux)

Gigi Minor, a loose collective of artists based in Durham, Ontario, invited four accomplished filmmakers (Philip Hoffman, Ilse Gassinger, Iriz Pääbo and Myke Dyer) to make works which visually interpreted four of our their songs. Gigi Minor has performed the music live with the films at film festivals in Ontario and created a DVD / [...]

Screenplay Launches at Holland Bloorview

This interactive waiting room has a pressure sensitive floor and an interactive video environment for kids to play with as they’re waiting for clinic appointments. Elaine Biddiss spearheaded the project and invite my class of senior design students to create the ambient play experiences. It just launched to the public this week.

GRAND conference in Montreal

Just attend Grand 2012 with my grad student research team. Barry Wellman made an interesting observation about the GRAND network: that the NSERC (science) and SSHRC (social science/humanities) people were like two solitudes, and the art / tech practitioners were the bridge between them.

Trans-X and NAISA

I just did a workshop in mobile interactive art with the artists in residence at New Adventures in Sound Art. You can meet them at the Trans-X Symposium in May. I’ll be there presenting a paper called Telegraph with Alan Boulton and talking on a panel.